Mother Teresa Cooperative Preschool is so grateful to have Diane Wilby as the preschool teacher again this year. Mrs. Wilby has created a fun and safe learning environment for all of her students at Mother Teresa Preschool for the last 17 years. She received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has been teaching for 30 years, 26 of which have been as a preschool teacher. We are so lucky to have someone with such great experience and love for her work. 

Our Teacher

Mrs. Diane Wilby

Students when asked what they love about Mrs. Wilby:

"Mrs. Wilby always sets up my classroom. I love it." - Georgia

"I love Mrs. Wilby so much becuase she says everything I like in stories and in songs." - Ashlyn

"I just love her becuase she is a real teacher." - Lucas

"She is so smart, she knows everything. "

- Josh 

"I like that she teaches me" - Chase

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