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School Supplies

What you need to know...

How we incorporate the cooperative approach. 

COVID-19   (UPDATED 2023)


Children are to be sent with a small, nutritious snack (ie. fruit, raw vegetable, cheese and crackers) that can be eaten in 10 minutes. Do not send candy or gum. On special occasions, treats will be permitted. Children must bring their own drink container. Water is available if required.

Please do not send juice boxes or pop. 

Don't forget to pack a spoon if you need one!

*For the safety of all students in the school building, our preschool is a NUT-FREE zone.* 


Each child will have a turn to bring a special item from home on their parent’s helper day.  We will try to coordinate helper days to coincide with birthdays where possible. 


On a rotating basis, all parents will be scheduled as classroom helpers.  This is a great opportunity to see how your child spends their time at preschool and to get to know their classmates.  If you are unable to work your scheduled day, a trusted relative with whom your child is comfortable can take your place, or you can contact other parents in your session to try and trade days. It is not the Room Parents’ or Teacher’s responsibility to reschedule your date. Also, please note that siblings are not permitted to accompany you on your helper days as they are not covered by our insurance. Attendance on parent helper days and participation in classroom maintenance is mandatory.  


Each session has a designated room parent who helps coordinate activities specific to their class (special events, field trips, etc.).  They also prepare the monthly parent helper schedule.  Room parents will be required to attend board meetings as members.  All parents are welcome to attend any board meetings if they wish. 



We will have preschool on all common dismissal days (when École St. Mother Teresa School is not in session).  There may be some exceptions. Please see the monthly calendars sent out by the room parents as well as the monthly newsletters.  



The preschool relies on annual fundraising to provide the students extra opportunities for class field trips and activities, as well as assisting in keeping the session fees affordable. One or more fundraisers may be held during the preschool year, which will be decided at the first board meeting.  As part of preschool registration, a $100.00 post-dated cheque is collected as a fundraising deposit. If a family participates in the fundraising event(s) for the year, the cheque will be returned. If a family does not participate, the cheque will be cashed in April 2025.  



In order to keep our preschool clean and safe we schedule toy washes throughout the year. We are a cooperative preschool; therefore, every family is expected to participate in at least one toy wash. As part of preschool registration, a $100.00 post-dated cheque is collected as a toy wash deposit. The organizer will schedule the toy washes and put a call-out for volunteers for each toy wash. The deposit cheque will be returned if the family participates in one toy wash during the preschool year, otherwise the cheque will be cashed in April 2025. 



If you have questions, please contact the registrar at

Thanks for your cooperation!

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